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"The strong sisters told the brothers that there were two important things to remember about the coming revolutions.  The first is that we will get our asses kicked. The second is that we will win." (Anonymous)


UPDATES: The Omnibus Edition


November 21, 2013











It’s been a few weeks since I posted a new update here.  That’s not because I’ve haven’t been producing work but, ironically, because I’ve been so busy with writing, deadlines, and interviews that it’s been hard to keep up with my regular updates.


And so I give you this Omnibus edition, starting with some notices about where I’ll be presenting in the next few weeks (one in the flesh, the others via skype). Following those are updates on my writing, which include some of my favourites in the last few yearsa piece on shit, yes, shit, some really interesting author interviews and book reviews, some interviews in the press following the Illinois marriage decision, and some truly lovely praise for my writing which has left me speechless and emotional. Read more below.


All Ur Fd Grps R Belong 2 Us

October 31, 2013




It's been an exhausting few weeks, and I have lots of good new and posts to share.  But I'm also wiped out, and already in the midst of work for the next few deadlines.  I'll carve out some time this weekend to list all the new work but for now, here's a fun meme. 

In light of all the food boycotts Teh Gayz seem compelled to call out (horrors, the maker of the leading jelly bean brand might be anti-gay!), this seemed especially apt.  Enjoy, and see you soon.

Roundtable on "Orange Is the New Black"

I was recently part of a roundtable discussion of Orange is the New Black, over at

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