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"The strong sisters told the brothers that there were two important things to remember about the coming revolutions.  The first is that we will get our asses kicked. The second is that we will win." (Anonymous)


Stop Fetishising Youth Organisers


September 2, 2015


On Rentboy, Sex Panics, Feminism, and More

August 25, 2015




The Dude's Response to the Steven Salaita Case

August 22, 2015



Please Support My Fundraiser for a New Computer


Dear Friends and Supporters,

You might have noticed that I haven’t written a lot in the last few weeks.  I’m badly in need of a new computer.  After many attempts to procure used ones, I’ve finally decided that my best option is to get a new computer. To that end, I’ve set up this fundraiser on GoFundMe.  Please donate if you can and/or help me spread the word.

Thanks very much,





Your Sex Is Not Radical



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