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I Don't Live Here Anymore

Mourdock, Donnelly, Abortion, and the Wrath of Gods

To put it bluntly: both men would rather see women die than have abortions because they wanted to.


Clash of the Neoliberals: Obama's Shell Game

In the end, the public confrontations between the two men amount to little more than a Clash of Neoliberals.  We are enthralled as two wealthy men, one white and one blackboth of whom have emerged from and owe their allegiance to specific economic power blocsargue over points which betray their almost exactly similar policies.  Yet, like the most addicted gamblers, we still delude ourselves into thinking that we actually have a stake in this game. We are persuaded that a gamble is actually a choice, and that may be the biggest shell game of all.


Is Slutwalk the End of Feminism?

Without a critical self-awareness and a willingness to address and act upon the structural, economic, and political problems that face women and others, Slutwalk is in danger of becoming the Halloween of feminism: the one day of the year when women feel empowered to dress in scanty clothes and call themselves sluts, but which leaves them without the power with which to actually make and create the kind of change that goes beyond an Obama slogan.

Her Royal Hymen: Kate Middleton Drops Top, Finds Modesty, Helps Brand Britain


September 27, 2012

In the case of Kate Middleton, what we see is a reinventing of her as not exactly virginal but at least as modest and easily shocked, a reinvention that allows her to take her rightful place in the hymenal economy of Brand Britain.


So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money?

September 15, 2012

Few things have delighted me more in recent weeks than the sight of so many people, and not all of them teachers, clad in red t-shirts in support of the currently ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike.

The Politics of Storytelling

June 19, 2012

We are not connected by the truth or universality of our experiences because our experiences are not universal.  Instead, we are connected by the systemic links between the oppressions that grind us down.

Gay Marriage Hurts My Breasts

Gay marriage is supposed to help my breasts. The gay marriage movement, in its relentless search for rationales for what is inherently a conservative movement around “normalcy” and acceptance, often makes the case that healthcare is a primary reason to make it legal. In the process, it has created a climate where the most progressive/lefty people, gay and straight, fail to see that healthcare is an economic matter and something that should go to everyone, regardless of their marital status.

In Defense of Sluts

While it is heartening to see an American President come even close to expressing what could effectively be translated as support for abortion rights, I have to wonder: What, pray tell, if Fluke is indeed a slut?

The New Yorker Sheds More Light on the Clementi-Ravi Story

Can we grapple with the complexity of the truth instead of being seduced by the more palatable tale of good and evil?


Against Equality in Australia!


Against Equality was invited to participate in the "After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation" conference in Melbourne, Australia.  The two-day conference begins on February 3, and Ryan Conrad is flying there as you read this. 

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