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I Don't Live Here Anymore

Why the HELL Are Gays So Excited about Religion? [16 January, 2009]

Obama has decided that Gene Robinson will deliver the opening prayer at his inauguration, and the gay community is ecstatic at the idea of an openly gay pastor at such a public event.  Of course, all this excitement comes after the keenly voiced anger over Rick Warren.

The Kids Aren’t All Right: The Gay Marriage Movement and its Manipulation of Children and Youth [22 March, 2009]

The Religious Right is notorious for its manipulation of children, especially in its anti-gay tirades.  The passage of Proposition 8 was prompted in part by the incitement of fear about what children might have to endure: the spectacle of gay sex, or worse, the spectacle of gay marriage.  In its “Considerations Regarding Proposals t

Prop 8 is a Distraction, or: NOW can we Dump Gay Marriage as a Cause? [27 May, 2009]

Note from Bil Browning: I’ve pushed Yasmin’s post back up to the top because comments are still going strong, but it had fallen pretty far down the page.  I’ve pushed it back up so others can check out the conversation and participate.  Kudos to Projectors for making this the most civil, engaging and intelligent comment thread I’ve seen in a long time.

Michael Bloomberg: King of the World [29 February, 2008]

Big News: Michael Bloomberg will not run for President.

Bigger News: I will not run for President either.

But seriously: why is this news?  (And what is it about New York mayors and their dreams of ruling the world?)

Loving Hate: Why Hate Crimes Legislation is a Bad Idea [8 February, 2009]

The Matthew Shepard Act (H.R.  1592) would expand the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.  The bill also requires “the FBI to track statistics on hate crimes” against transgender people.

Larry Craig, Weapons of Mass Distraction, and Lesbian Public Sex

So Larry Craig is now reconsidering his earlier decision to resign, in the midst of a "sex scandal" that contains no sex at all. We queers seem to agree that the Craig exposure is about the hypocrisy and self-loathing that makes people like him make homophobic comments and policies about us while wrestling with their inner demons in public restrooms.

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