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Gays All A-Twitter about Amazon: How They Nearly Ended Capitalism But Chose to Hate Porn Instead [16 April, 2009]

The Amazon debacle hasn’t quite left us.  For now, I offer some observations on what transpired over the last few days.  None of this is based on more than my following the “debates” over various websites, Facebook accounts and the occasional ramble through twitter posts.  The statements below are musings and not to be mistaken for an in-depth analysis (that will come later).  No sources were killed during the course of this writing.

The Real Costs of the HIV Ban [18 May, 2009]

Originally posted on  Read comments here.

This is Part 2 of a series on immigration.  It looks at the real costs of the HIV ban, in place since 1987, and provides a brief look at the history and implications of this policy.

The Rise of the Nouveau Frugalese Or, Why Those Cups of Coffee Won’t Amount to a Hill of Beans [8 June, 2009]

My friend P. used to work at a local independent bookstore.  She loved her work, but it didn’t really pay much and she eventually left for a better-paying job.1

Why I won’t Come Out on National Coming Out Day [9 October, 2008]

This is the week of the March on Washington.  Or, wait, is it the March Through Washington, a city that will be missing most of its lawmakers and the now Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Obama himself on the day of?  I won’t waste too much time writing about something that seems designed to be little more than a publicity event for a few celebrity queers – except to say that my best hope is that the mostly,

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