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Is Slutwalk the End of Feminism?

Without a critical self-awareness and a willingness to address and act upon the structural, economic, and political problems that face women and others, Slutwalk is in danger of becoming the Halloween of feminism: the one day of the year when women feel empowered to dress in scanty clothes and call themselves sluts, but which leaves them without the power with which to actually make and create the kind of change that goes beyond an Obama slogan.

Rape: The T-Shirt [23 April, 2008]

The Two Stories of Mukhtaran Bibi [July/August 2005]

Some years ago, I found myself in a dental office run by an amiable dentist and his wife who was also the hygienist. A popular television magazine show had recently run a segment on dowry deaths in India. As they prepped their instruments, the two began their round of small talk and eventually reached the topic of bride burning. Discovering that I was originally from the subcontinent, and despite my reassurances that I wasn’t about to suffer the same fate, the woman implored me, “Don’t go back!”
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