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Queer Politics

Undocumented vs. Illegal: A Distinction without a Difference

December 10, 2012

In representing only the good immigrants, undocumented activists are literally and metaphorically the dream activists of neoliberalismemphasising individualised narratives about freedom over systemic critique.

On Immigration, Gender JUST and Rigo Padilla, on the Anna DeShawn show, "Real Talk" [December 11, 2009]

I was on the Anna DeShawn show, talking about immigration and immigration reform.  You can listen to it here:

Appearance on the Sausage Factory Radio Talk Show, Las Vegas [31 July, 2010]

I was on The Sausage Factory, hosted by Derek Washington, Chris Miller, and others.  You can listen to the approximately 15 minute-segment here; it starts at 30 minutes into the hour:

Yasmin featured in Tikkun article, "The Transformative Promise of Queer Politics" [July 2010]

In May 2010, I was interviewed by Tikkun’s assistant editor, Alana Yu-Lan Price, for a forthcoming piece on the contemporary queer movement.  That piece, titled “The Transformative Promise of Queer Politics,” and the issue it appears in can be found on newstands and on the web here:

Yasmin on KBOO Community Radio, talking about Don't Ask Don't Tell [31 May, 2010]

I was on KBOO again with Denise Morris, talking about Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Here's the description from the website:

Yasmin and Ryan Conrad on KBOO Community Radio, talking about Against Equality [22 March, 2010]

Ryan Conrad and I were on KBOO Community Radio (Portland, Oregon), talking about the Against Equality project.  Here's the description from the station's website:

The Gay Movement is Over [4 October, 2006]


In 2005, the gay press reported that two men were hanged for consensual sexual relations on July 19 in the town of Mashad, Iran.  The story that they had been punished for being lovers was especially propagated by writer Doug Ireland on his blog.

Why the HELL Are Gays So Excited about Religion? [16 January, 2009]

Obama has decided that Gene Robinson will deliver the opening prayer at his inauguration, and the gay community is ecstatic at the idea of an openly gay pastor at such a public event.  Of course, all this excitement comes after the keenly voiced anger over Rick Warren.

Larry Craig, Weapons of Mass Distraction, and Lesbian Public Sex

So Larry Craig is now reconsidering his earlier decision to resign, in the midst of a "sex scandal" that contains no sex at all. We queers seem to agree that the Craig exposure is about the hypocrisy and self-loathing that makes people like him make homophobic comments and policies about us while wrestling with their inner demons in public restrooms.

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