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Clash of the Neoliberals: Obama's Shell Game

In the end, the public confrontations between the two men amount to little more than a Clash of Neoliberals.  We are enthralled as two wealthy men, one white and one blackboth of whom have emerged from and owe their allegiance to specific economic power blocsargue over points which betray their almost exactly similar policies.  Yet, like the most addicted gamblers, we still delude ourselves into thinking that we actually have a stake in this game. We are persuaded that a gamble is actually a choice, and that may be the biggest shell game of all.


So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money?

September 15, 2012

Few things have delighted me more in recent weeks than the sight of so many people, and not all of them teachers, clad in red t-shirts in support of the currently ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike.

Angelina Jolie, Queer Theory, and the Gods of Neoliberalism

This post was originally published on The Bilerico Project on September 21, 2007

Excerpt: "'Sybil,' it turns out, may barely have had one personality, leave alone sixteen. Much like Angelina, whose wild queerness turns out to have hidden a saintly girl who marries half the people with whom she sleeps."


“Neoliberalism’s Handiest Little Tool”: Against Equality on Marriage - Interview in No More Potlucks

Ryan Conrad and I, as members of Against Equality, were interviewed by Joshua Pavan for one of our favourite publications, No More Potlucks (where I'm also a regular contributor).  Here are some excerpts:

What’s Left of Queer?: Immigration, Sexuality, and Affect in a Neoliberal World


May 12, 2010

We need to refuse the narratives of abjection that are routinely forced upon us. They only render us immobile creatures, begging for help. We are all neoliberals now. We’re all selling our bodies, our lives, our stories to the media and to provide comfort to ourselves. Those stories have to be challenged and reworked or we lose sight of the larger story of economic exploitation, at our peril.

Food Pantry Shortages: What’s the Real Story? [24 December, 2007]

One of the big stories this season is unrelated to shopping or entertainment: food pantries across the country are facing drastic shortages in items donated from the agricultural industry.  This means that more people who depend on food pantries will go hungry this year.  One simple set of numbers drove the point home: donations to food pantries are down 30% while demand is up 40%

Class in Drag or Who’s Middle Class Anyway?: Sarah Palin, Joe Sixpack, and Main Street [5 October, 2008]

I watched Sarah Palin on Thursday night with my fingernails digging into my hands.  Joe Biden must have remembered the fuss over Al Gore’s sighs during the latter’s debate with George Bush, because he showed restraint even as Palin consistently refused to answer critical questions on issues like health care.

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