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Conversations with God Hates Fags/Westboro Baptist Church [21 December, 2008]

I promised I’d post a transcripts of my conversations with people in God Hates Fags, so here’s a brief account of my encounter made available only on Bilerico.  Links will take you to my previous Bilerico posts.


It’s Monday, December 4, outside the Democratic National Committee Headquarters which also serves as Obama’s transition office.  233 S.  Michigan.

Winston’s Internet Café is getting buzz [2 June, 2010]

At first glance, Winston’s Internet Café is a coffeehouse like many others.  Filled with comfortable leather armchairs and sofas and nooks where customers might browse the internet or catch up with friends, the place offers the kind of public solitude that is a hallmark of café culture.  In one corner, two computers offer free access to customers.  A long L-shaped bar is made of concrete, and both it and the dark wood cabinets gleam softly under the care of owner Jim Stephens, a long-time carpenter who made all the woodwork himself.

Confab looks at queers and sex offenders [2 June, 2010]

“What’s queer about sex offenders?  Are sex offenders the new queers?”  That was the provocative title of an all-day conference on sex-offender laws, hosted by the University of Chicago and the Center on Halsted and held at the Center May 27.   Speakers included literary theorists, activists, artists, legal scholars and political scientists.

Packed house for Alison Bechdel at Women and Children First [19 November, 2008]

Alison Bechdel’s immensely popular Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip has been running since 1983.  Since its appearance, the interconnected lives and attachments of Mo, Sydney, Jasmine, Toni, Ginger and others have been cultural reference points of queer/dyke popular culture.

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