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Election 2012: Eyes Wide Shut

I dread the prospect of hundreds of  panels on the same topics:  “Will we ever again have a Black President?” or “Are we now PRE-racial?”, as if the problem were with the racial identity of a neoliberal President and not with his neoliberalism.

To those of you who insist that you will be the ones to hold Obama's feet to the fire: you are as deluded as those who marry alcoholics vowing to change them, and I have no interest in coddling your delusion.  When he winsand I suspect he will, even if by a very slim marginthe only feet I plan on holding to the fire are yours.



Mourdock, Donnelly, Abortion, and the Wrath of Gods

To put it bluntly: both men would rather see women die than have abortions because they wanted to.


Clash of the Neoliberals: Obama's Shell Game

In the end, the public confrontations between the two men amount to little more than a Clash of Neoliberals.  We are enthralled as two wealthy men, one white and one blackboth of whom have emerged from and owe their allegiance to specific economic power blocsargue over points which betray their almost exactly similar policies.  Yet, like the most addicted gamblers, we still delude ourselves into thinking that we actually have a stake in this game. We are persuaded that a gamble is actually a choice, and that may be the biggest shell game of all.


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