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“Neoliberalism’s Handiest Little Tool”: Against Equality on Marriage - Interview in No More Potlucks

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Ryan Conrad and I, as members of Against Equality, were interviewed by Joshua Pavan for one of our favourite publications, No More Potlucks (where I'm also a regular contributor).  Here are some excerpts:

Ryan Conrad, on marriage and neoliberalism: "The entire framework that we use to understand our "resources," like health care or housing or knowledge, etc. is of the economic model of capitalism and scarcity. Here in the States, through marriage we see the privatization of what we believe are collective benefits, like access to health care, to specifically classed family units. Instead of fighting for everyone's right to live, like queer folks did so loudly and proudly here and elsewhere in the 80s, we see LGBTs now demanding that only married people have the right to these things."

Me, on the notion of "community": "I think what AE challenges with regard to "community," is the notion that the only kind that matters is the sort represented by Gay Inc. At the same time, in asking for a politics that considers how "marriage equality" leaves out large groups of people, we’re asking for a politics that looks beyond "community-based" solutions. What would marriage look like if we thought of it less as something that benefits specific "communities" (straights, gays and lesbians) and more as an institution that unequally and systemically grants benefits to specific kinds of family formations favoured by capitalism?"

You can read the entire interview here.



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