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"Kim Davis Didn't Deserve to Go to Jail," for The Daily Dot

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September 9, 2015


I wrote this piece on Kim Davis for Daily Dot, Kim Davis Didn't Deserve to Go to Jail, and it's been making the rounds since.  You can read it here, and this is an excerpt:

That so many prison memes and rape jokes have appeared on queer sites like Queerty and on the social media walls of many LGBTQ people is a sign that we have forgotten that prison is no laughing matter, especially for queer people. How is it that a community so quick to lament the forcible imprisonment and/or police harassment of queer people—from Oscar Wilde to Alan Turing to the Stonewall Riots and Boise—is so quick to forget the horrors of the system and laugh at what might happen when someone is jailed?


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