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Prop 8 donors [11 March, 2009]

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In the Chicago area, the number of donations to the No on 8 campaign (to defeat the Proposition) far outnumbered contributions to support.  As it turns out, this reflects the national trend.  According to, opponents of Proposition 8 raised about $43.3 million while the measure’s backers amassed $39.9 million.

The San Francisco Chronicle website lists donations in the order of the date they were given, and the number of donations only reflects single contributions.  A person may have given more than once.  To find out how much an individual donated in total, type in his or her name into the search engine and the site will list all donations next to his or her name.

All eight of the donors to the Yes on 8 campaign are listed here; Paul Kepes appears to have given $9,900 twice on the same day.

It is clear that people gave what they could, when they could: Donations range from $15 to $100 to a few in the 100,000 range; several people in the No on 8 campaign gave more than once.  Fred Eychaner is the owner of Newsweb, the company that prints Windy City Times, among other publications.  The chart for the donors to Yes on 8 is the complete list of people who gave to the campaign.  The chart for the donors to No on 8 is only a partial list (out of a total of 820 contributions).  A full list of donors can be found at

Yes on 8: Donors from Chicago area

Paul Moeller Jr.  $100

Mark Faase $100

Edward Veal $100

Dion Manly $115

Craig Odegaard $250

John Moore $400

Paul Kepes $9,900

Paul Kepes $9,900

Kermit King $25,000

No on 8: Donors from Chicago area

Robert Castillo $100

John Pennycuff $100

Vernita Gray $150

Jonathan Lehman $1,000

Barry Love $1,726

Clark Pellett $8,000

David Herro $10,000

Fred Eychaner $925,000

Originally published in Windy City Times, 11 March 2009

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