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Radio Interview with Doug Henwood about Against Equality's "Prisons Will Not Protect You"

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I recently did an interview with Doug Henwood about the third Against Equality book, Prisons Will Not Protect You.  
You can listen to the interview here; it's about 25 minutes long. 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Against Equality book series is now complete, and that our trilogy makes a magnificent gift for the holidays and beyond.  These books are not only great gifts but an excellent way to introduce yourself to people you're interested in and/or a way to explain your politics to those who might be curious.  Think about it: What better way to initiate conversations with future lovers, family, and friends than to give them these beautifully designed and very handy pocket-sized books, filled with the best radical queer inquiry and analysis?  
Of course, each book is also available on its own.  Details are on our website.

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