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"Undocumented" and "Jacobinned" Are Now Both Out On North Star!

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December 11, 2013


As promised, North Star has just published “‘Undocumented’: How an Identity Ended a Movement,” as well as Jacobinned: The Story Behind the Story Jacobin Refused to Publish.” My thanks to everyone there, especially to Dario Čanković.


I’ve also received lots of great feedback on the prelude that I wrote yesterday, “ On Writers As Scabs, Whores, and Interns And The Jacobin Problem.”  People whose opinions I respect and admire have written to me to complicate some of my thoughts there, and have taken the trouble to offer detailed analyses and feedback.


Because this topic, of the state of writing and our ethical quandaries, is so important to me, I’m going to post a Part 2 to that last blog, incorporating and acknowledging the feedback I’ve received.   If you have thoughtful responses, objections, or arguments to offer, please feel free to send them along, and let me know if it would be okay to cite you by name.  I hope to be done with that follow-up piece sometime next week.


In the meantime, enjoy reading the pieces on North Star.  Please share them widely.





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