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Weekly Roundup, October 20, 2015

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I’ve now turned in two of the big pieces I was working on, and am on to the next few. In the last week, I was busy with post-Democrat debate analysis and produced a couple of pieces.


In somewhat stressful news, Frida (my cat, pictured above) and I are on the hunt for a place again; the apartment we’ve been living in for the last few months, very kindly donated by generous people, will soon be leased out. As much as we’d have liked to be here for a while longer, it has also become clear that we need to make some very big decisions about where we will go next, so the move will be clarifying in many ways.  Those of you who know of what I refer to as The Direness know what I mean.


In the meantime, if you hear of any cheap/donated living spaces in or around Chicago, please let me know.  I will not be separated from Frida, who is everything to me, and that is really the biggest accommodation I ask for.  Everything else is up for negotiation.  We’re also able to barter services like cleaning in exchange for rent (well, okay I am — but Frida is a fetching companion and brightens up any space with her presence).  Thank you for keeping an eye out!


On to the updates from last week.


What I Wrote Or Was Mentioned In


October 16, 2015: I wrote this about Hillary Clinton, Wall Street, and our myths about capitalism, “The Problem with Fixing Wall Street Is It Can’t Be Fixed.


October 13, 2015: I wrote this about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the “conversation” on race that really isn’t, “What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Race.”


What I’m Reading


The Guardian continues its ongoing investigation of Homan Square.


John Berg, who created those iconic album covers, is dead.


Freddie deBoer echoes many of my own frustrations with media reporting on the elections.


Drew Franklin wrote this piece about the links between Teach for America, Black leadership, and disaster capitalism.


WBEZ’s Steven Jackson reports on the history of Chicago’s alleyways.


I was recently introduced to Sam Stecklow on Twitter, and came upon his piece on the slow death of Chicago’s Sun-Times.


Judith Levine wrote this, about the St. Paul’s sexual assault trial.


From the Archives


Freddie deBoer’s piece reminded me of my own frustrations with how we perceive the importance of elections. Here, once again, with points pertinent to this election cycle, is "Election 2012: Eyes Wide Shut.”


As I finished up one of my larger pieces, on queer theory and the neoliberal university, I was reminded of what I wrote about the MLA subconference at the beginning of the year.

In case you missed it, here' the Weekly Roundup from last week. 


And while I'm not much of a drinker, watching the debate made me feel like this. 



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